Study strategies – How to study smarter?

Study smarter … How to manage stress in the classroom?  What to do if you are nervous after the first part of the högskoleprovet - how to do your best on the rest?  How to best use your time?  How does the brain take in information?anna tebelius

These were just some of the questions Anna Tebelius-Bodin answered today in her lecture for our year 2 and year 3 students.  Anna works with motivation, study techniques, and learning.

Anna’s best study strategy tips:

1.  Focus

2. Plan

3.  Set Goals

4.  Motivate yourself

5.  Reflect

6.  Control your time

7.  Encourage yourself

8.  Have fun!AnnaTebeliusBodin700_0

9.  Remember

10.  Read

11.  Write

12. Celebrate

Tipsen kommer från Anna Tebelius Bodin, Harvard Graduate i inlärningspsykologi –

More details about her ideas (in Swedish) can be found here>>

Thanks Anna for sharing your knowledge with us!

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Memories from VRG Olympics – 2014

How do we keep VRG ANDA going?  We invest time and effort in team-building and creative activities.  The “G” in VRG ANDA is for “gemenskap” and the “D” is for traditions.  This event was a “tradition” that builds “gemenskap”.

VRG Olympics is a day of fun-filled friendly competition between classes – cheer, flag, costumes, football, volleyball, lego sculptures, moving blocks as a team, writing poetry, singing songs, and more … students and teachers together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to our winning class:  Na 15

See entire parade of classes, here>>

Thanks to Gabby and Kim for organizing our “games”.

Thanks to students and staff for making it a day to remember!

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Results from Skolval – HT 2014

election exampleThanks to some dedicated students with support from our teachers, VRG students had the opportunity to vote in a Skolval last Friday.

More than 350 students voted, as compared to just over 200 last spring in our Skolval for EU.  This reflects a 69% voter participation rate.

The results:

Elevröster i antalThese results are then sent in to the central Skolval collection.  Currently, the (preliminary) results from a national level of Skolval look like this:

skolval riks so far


We have many first-time voters in our school.  This is a privilege and a responsibility – good luck!


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Teachers are learners, too!

Social science teacher, Timothy Row, attended the Swedish Institute of International Affairs’ information seminar on Sept 4 to learn more …

How can we achieve global peace and security?

(Click on the photo to watch part of the debate)

ui tim

50 million people in the world have been forced to leave their home as a result of the wars that are currently raging in countries such as Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and the Central African Republic. A military conflict is currently ongoing in Ukraine which has at the time of writing claimed the lives of over 2000 people including many innocent civilians.

Foreign policy is not always top of voters priorities when it comes to elections, but this year might just be an exception. What should Sweden and the world do to help provide a resolution to these conflicts? What should we in Sweden do to help those escaping from war? These were among the many questions discussed at an event hosted by the Swedish Institute for Foreign Affairs on 4th September.

As can be expected, opinions differed between the party blocks, but even within the blocks there were important nuances of perspective on the different areas. The debate on foreign policy was followed by an extremely intensive discussion on Sweden’s own domestic defence policy. This included the important question of how Sweden should expand its own military defence in the light of increased international security threats.

Want to discuss these issues, or the debate further?  Feel free to contact me:



Timothy Row

Social Science and English teacher, VRG

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Open labs let students learn differently …

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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Research tips from our librarian – Anja

anjaLooking for tips and support when working on your senior project?

Contact Anja Vikingson, VR Librarian:

Follow @vrg_biblioteket

See resource page, here>>

Or, review her presentation below:

anja prazi

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Blindfolded with a rope – learning to be a leader

IMG_1148[1]Walking through the school yard today, you might have noticed some unusual learning. Students were blindfolded and holding onto a rope.  They were students from the Leadership and Organization course – learning.sue

Their teacher, Sue Tennander, explained the task to me:

“The aim of the ROPE ACTIVITY is to give the students an opportunity to solve a problem as a group. The instructions are that they are to wear blindfolds and make a square usingIMG_1147[1] the “object” that they discover in the middle of the circle (which unknown to them from the beginning is a rope).

The activity is filmed and then afterwards we analyse what happened in this process.

The following questions are asked:

- what was your role in solving this activity?

- what other roles could you identify?

- how did you feel about doing this?  … eagerness to get ideas out/ frustration over not being involved etc.

IMG_1151[1]Previous to this activity the students have learned common terminology associated with leadership styles which they are expected to use when describing roles. This activity also leads nicely into the topic of group dynamics which is also taken up on the course.”

Experiential learning at it’s best!




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VRGD newsletter – September 2014

sept newsletter

To read the whole newsletter, click here>>


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Remembering Expedition Fiskeboda – Year 1

This gallery contains 36 photos.

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Learning by doing …

Idrott och Hälsa 2 på VRG-DJH i Brunnsviken

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