VRG school leaders attend ISTE in Atlanta, USA

IMG_1091[1]In June, Viktor Rydberg Foundation school leaders attended the International Society for Technology in Education in Atlanta, USA. Together with more than 16,000 other participants, we spent four full days in hands-on workshops, lectures, seminars, and poster presentations.  Both the quality of sessions and networking with other educational technology leaders from around the world made these days very valuable professional development.

The theme of the conference was “Connected Learning. Connected World“.istelogo

Maker movement, how to facilitate creative processes in the classroom, Google Apps for Education, wearable technology, collaborative processes via technology, digital storytelling, leadership for the connected classroom … and many more ideas were presented and discussed.IMG_1085[1]

Our own teacher, Kara Barker-Åström, also did a poster presentation about our Forensic Science class as an inquiry-based learning environment.

Now back at VRG, we are a team of staff members brainstorming and working to find good ways to share our new knowledge, find the right technology tools for the right needs in our classrooms. and continue to network and benchmark to make sure that we stay up-to-date with the newest developments in technology in education.

Want to hear more about what we learned and experienced at ISTE? Join us for an interactive workshop – September 10 at 16.00 at VRG-Djursholm.  To join this workshop, sign up here>>.  There is no cost for this session.  All are welcome!




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VRG students attend Student Global Leadership Institute in Hawaii

SGLITopBannerFor the second year in a row, tSGLI group bildhree VRG students and one VRG teacher attended the Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI) at the Punahou School in Hawaii, USA this summer.

Together with students from all over the world, our students participated in an extensive 15 day program with workshops. lectures, and committee work to find ways to put their leadership t

sgli blog photoo work back in their home communities.  You can read their daily reflections in their blog, here>>

When asked what was the best part of this exchange trip … VRG teacher Sue Tennander responded, “definitely meeting face to face so many teachers and students from around the world.”  The program reinforced the idea that “leadership is about making small changes at grass-roots level in order to build a foundation to push ahead.”  Sue also shared that it is exciting to make contacts in various parts of the USA, India, China, Japan, Korea, Jordan, the UK and Denmark who are interested in linking with VRG and working in cooperation projects.  When asked should VRG participate for a 3rd year in a role in summer of 2015?  She responded, “absolutely!”

carlCarl Sävendahl was the VRG Djursholm representative at this conference.  Together with his partners from Odenplan and Jarlaplan, he will now lead a project together with our students based on what he has learned this summer.

See photos from their experience, here:

Are you interested in joining this project next year?  Watch for details of how to apply  in January 2015.

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Tack för i år – #dontforgetvrg1314

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A super way to enjoy the walk between classes …



Thanks to Sue and our choir for making the walk through the hallway so enjoyable today!

It was great to have Keren playing and Joanna singing with our students . . . a real treat!


Listen here:

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Graduation 2014 . . . Very, Resourcefulness, Grit – VRG

This gallery contains 33 photos.

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Forensic Science – a practical final exam – Who did it?



Forensic Science is a popular elective at VRG.  This branch of science offers the perfect mix of theoretical and practical learning.  After a year of study, students were ready for their final exam . . . Students received the following assignment:

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Forensic Science Practical Exam

Brottet: Hanna Forsberg’s choklad har försvunnit från hennes skrivbord i Naturrummet och hon är upprörd.

Bevis:  Ett plastglas (Bevis A) återfanns på Hannas skrivbord, tillsammans med 2 stycken pennor (Bevis B, J).  En penna återfanns i Emmas arbetsportfölj (Bevis C) och en penna återfanns i Davids ryggsäck (Bevis D). På toaletten upptäcktes ett fotavtryck (Bevis E), tillsammans med ett omslagspapper till choklad i papperskorgen (Som tyvärr städaren hann tömma innan det kunde samlas in). En röd fläck återfanns på låset till toaletten (Bevis F). Fiber kring Hannas skrivbord uppsamlades (Bevis G, H, I). Kromatografi (Bevis K) har gjorts på en av pennorna från skrivbordet (Bevis J), detta därför då en av pennorna hade spruckit och bläcket runnit ut.

Ögonvittne: Kim delar kontor med Hanna och påstår ha sett förövaren dricka vatten för att sedan tagit chokladen från Hannas skrivbord. Hans vittnesmål följer: “Jag hade inte så mycket tid att uppfatta förövaren, men han/hon befann sig i rummet en stund, bara strosa omkring och inväntade ett tillfälle att utföra stölden. Utseende? Hmm, varken lång eller kort. Det var faktiskt svårt att se, förövaren stod böjd över skrivbordet. Jag såg bara ryggen på förövaren, jag såg aldrig ansiktet.”   for1

Students received even more info:  suspects, lab suggestions, data collection guides, etc.

Students then worked in teams to go through the evidence, form hypotheses, test their theories and draw conclusions from the data.  In the end, I think they all figured out – who did it!?!

Read one student’s report here>>





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Interesting and informative documentary from Psychology students

As a final exam, Psychology 2 students created documentary films to show their knowledge from this course …


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Speakers’ Corner – students take their message outside of school

speakers cornerOn Monday, VRG students took their message to the public via Speakers’ Corner. The idea of free speech in this form is believed to have started in Hyde Park in London.

As an assignment in their rhetoric class, students were challenged to speak about a topic of their own choice in an open forum.  This time students gathered at Sergels Torg in Stockholm.


The students had to choose a topic they thought could be of interest to the largest number of people. Students know that the first important point when planning any speech is to know your audience. However, in this Speakers’ Corner, students did not know who would be in their audience. Students could choose to speak in Swedish or English.

The idea of Speakers Corner is to expose students to public speaking in a real situation. What a fun and challenging final assignment in a fun and challenging course …

sueThanks Sue for inspiring our students!

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Results from Skolval 2014



Thanks to the hard work of a few students and support from dedicated teachers, VRG students had the opportunity to participate in a school election (skolval) this week.


At VRG, 202 students voted.  The results of our election were:


Elevröster % (1)

MP: 10
Fp: 64
Vänster: 2
Moderaterna: 69
Sverige Demokraterna: 10
Socialdemokraterna: 0
Kristdemokraterna: 11
Junilistan: 0
Piratpartiet: 7
Centerpartiet: 6
FI: 10
Blankt: 13


fem principer

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Språket@VRG – students share their ideas via podcast

pod3Inspired by P1’s radio program, Språket, students at VRG have created their own versions of the program.  In the form of podcasts, students worked in teams to develop an idea or question about language and how it is used . . . this was their final examination in their Swedish class.

dialects, internet language, and more …

how politicians use rhetorics to gain powerpod4

Students shared their podcasts with each other in a “listening lesson”.  Each student went around the room, discussed ideas and listened to short sections of different podcasts.  Then, each student chose their favorite two podcasts to listen to more in-depth.  Students gave discussed and gave feedback.  All students got feedback and then completed their own self-reflections.

is there a difference in language used by males and females?

pod2Sami language- what is the future?

It was a creative way to “examine/test” student knowledge.  And, students got to share!  A selection of the podcasts are linked below.  Click and listen!



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