Students learn by finding out for themselves …

IMAG1573 (1)VRG religion students visited the Ulrika Eleonora Church in October.

Students expressed that they found the visit to be beneficial. Many commented that it is nice to be able to ask questions to IMAG1564people who are actually practicing what we are studying about in the classroom.

That is what makes this study visit important.  Students can see that behind each religion, there are individuals with just as many dreams and questions as the students themselves have.  And, we cannot simply accept the image of religion as it is projected in media as true.  We have to find out for ourselves.

01 Gabriella Acuna LopezGabriella Acuña Lopez,

Religion and History teacher, VRG

på svenska:

Besöket var väldigt givande, flera av eleverna kommentera de att det var skönt att få ställa sina frågor till en person som verkligen praktiserar det som vi går igenom i klassrummet. Och det är just det som gör dessa besök så viktiga. Att de får se att bakom varje religion så finns det en individ med precis lika många drömmar och frågor som eleverna har och att man inte kan låta bilden som projiceras i media vara talande för alla världens troende.

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Halloween stories from VRG

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New programs offered at VRG!

bild och musik

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“Gaming” in International Relations … Students become “Minister for a Day”

Focused on geopolitics,  students in the International Relations course at VRG participated in the Folk och Försvars role play, “Minister for the Day” at the Army Museum in Stockholm.

After a short introduction to the countries of Amaso, Bati, Cindro, Dometo and Estrigi; the game started.  The first step was for all of the countries to write a declaration of their governing principles and allocate ministers for the important roles.  Then, the different declarations were explained to the other countries by the different Foreign Ministers during the Regional Council.  The interest in this step was great and the event was full of journalists.

At the same time that the different ministers promoted their own country’s sovereignty and 011788e2af19988a0da0a4a343431e7781ad0d27a4welfare state, different scenarios of terrorist attacks, epidemics, and even a natural disaster hit the region.  The question of how to care for the common environment was always present and even more complicated when a large oil resource was discovered on the region’s central islands located in international water.

The ministers from the different countries met and negotiated exchange, cooperation and military alliances.  Conflicts were near.  Estrgi used their ideological and cultural power.  And, there was a struggle with how to deal with Bati’s dictator who didn’t wish to follow the agreed upon rules and norms.  014797be38195b1b73121447428e9859a88db28170Reaching agreement in these important questions proved difficult.  Media teams updated news from the different countries continuously.

The game went on with many turns and complications.  The game ended abruptly with many speculations about how the politics would have developed if we had kept going. Some believed war was inevitable …

Our moderator and leader for the day, Ana-Sofia finished off with reflections relating this simulation game to the real security issues of today.  Democracy and dictatorship, Sweden’s relationship with Palestine, and current relations with Russia were all discussed …

Thanks to Birgit Carlsson for organizing such an engaging visit!

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Big Wheel makes a Big Impact – Interactive Shakespeare

Big Wheel Theatre visits VRG every year.  Their interactive theatre workshop is one way we encourage students to “think outside the box”.

During this language and literature workshop students experience a “real” Shakespearian story.  The actors from Big Wheel connected with our students by using contemporary pop-culture references and parody. Interaction is a key element in the workshops and our students were actively involved right from the moment they were greeted by the performers (in the hallway at HB).

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Fun Friday …

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From Stockholm to Luxembourg with MEP

mepbsr logoFor five days in October, VRG Djursholm was the home to the 10th annual MEP BSR (Model European Parliament Baltic Sea Region) meeting.  More than sixty students and ten teachers from Poland, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, and Finland traveled to Sweden and stayed here in our community with our families.

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The schedule for the conference included two days of intense committee work where each committee consisting of representatives from each country wrote and revised and finalized a resolution to be presented to the General Assembly in open debate on the final day.  There were also team building and culture events included.

In addition to increased knowledge about these important national and European issues, many new friendships were formed.  Next MEP session is in Luxembourg, we can’t wait.

*Thanks to our students who shared their school for four days, our wonderfully supportive host families who showed real Swedish hospitality, to our staff who made many different things work at the same time, and, especially, to Dan Gustafsson – for your unyielding enthusiasm and effort to make learning meaningful for all of our students.

Read more about our work with MEP:

MEP and EYP – what does it mean for VRG?

What do students learn from MEP?


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Learning by experimenting … blood splatter lab in Forensic Science class

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Hidden Truths in History … a creative approach to learning about source criticism

Kopia av stalin (3)The purpose of this photo project was to quickly bring students into issues related to source criticism and historical awareness in a creative and fun way.

Each group chose a historical painting, a poster or a photo and read about the people and events that it reflected . They studied the picture and what lurked behind the selected image.  Then, it was time to make their own version of the original work.  In this part of the task, they should show what was the “hidden truth” in the original work.Kopia av stalin (1) (1)

The students then presented their pictures along with the idea behind their work.  To complete the task , students were given a total of 70min , showing that creative elements need not be time-consuming.

Bildprojekt – källor och dolda sanningar.

Syftet med bildprojektet var att snabbt sätta in eleverna i frågor som rör källkritik och historiemedvetenhet på ett kreativt och roligt sätt.

I grupp fick de välja en historisk tavla, en affisch eller ett fotografi och läsa på om personerna och händelserna som avspeglas. När de skapat sig en bild av vad som dolde sig bakom den valda bilden så var det dags att göra en egen version av originalverket men denna gång skulle det som inte syntes i originalet visualiseras.

Eleverna presenterade sedan sina bilder tillsammans med informationen de fått fram inför de andra eleverna. För att slutföra uppgiften fick eleverna totalt 70min på sig vilket visar att kreativa inslag inte behöver vara tidskrävande.

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Tips for how to get a Sports Scholarship to an American University …

VRG DJH was happy to welcome Chad Liddle,Director of liddleDarlington Soccer Academy, to share tips with our students who are interested in playing sports at the collegiate level in the US.

Here is the presentation he shared:

He also shared an example of a student sport profile.  This is a “resume” showing colleges what the athlete has accomplished during high school:

sports profile

If you would like to contact Mr. Liddle for further information:

Chad A. Liddle
Director, Darlington School Soccer Academy
1014 Cave Spring Road
Rome, Ga. 30161
Office: +1 706-378-3706
Cell: +1 404-932-4626
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In a short time, Eng 7 students accomplish a lot!

Read these inspiring imagist poems from Eng 7.

They whipped outside for a short time and were busy with these for less than an hour.


mapel leaf
Maple Leaf, Upon the grey

Gravel, Green as the grass in summer

Lies, Innocent

Yet so experienced, No longer of

Purpose, Maple Leaf, So bright



not happyNot happy

The only heat I feel comes from the sun

They say take no shit

But I am the exception

The unwanted is all I get

Autumn leaf on the gravel

A bright yellow leaf lying on the gravel

its purpose has been servedmapel leaf on gravel

no longer is it needed

summer is over and here it lies

like an autumn leaf on the gravel

keyholeThe key hole

Not like any other hole in a wall

The key hole has so much power

Who comes in? Who stays out?

Lets us sleep without all doubts

The light switch

The light switch, oh so powerful!

It possesses the divine power, of alternating between darkness and light.light switch

One touch, darkness.

One touch, light.

Nobody knows when the light is going to switch.



No I’mpoem not colorblind, I know the world  is black and white.

There is no gray zone you’re either within or without

Either the world is your oyster -Openings

Or you bury your past – Closure.

A magnanimous poem

Light reflected on its surface       Separating our presence

From what is foreign        Stained by human imprints

Used by many       Left absent recognitiondoor knob

un-noticed               A gatekeeper

No hero                     Not deserved

Yet needed                   A silent guardian

A watchful protector            A door knob

black branchesBlack branches

stretching towards the sky

Green leaves turned red

by the icy autumn wind

Sunlight sipping through

I Hate yougravel

The wounds you cause children you hurt

wheelchairs you keep back

hurt without moving

make noise without talking

cause friction without pulling

Innocent, but oh such dark soul

treOn temperature it all depends – green turns red

and perish to the ground – 

life depends on warmth and comfort

beneath just lies – a lifeless shell

The fallen treefallen tree

The storm had come and the tree stood tall,

until it adopted a horizontal position

There it lied … the fallen tree, admitting defeat to the blistering win

the benchThe Bench

Old grey worn out, wood …

No longer used. The yard desolated ever since the rain came

Water cold as ice. Wind making me shiver

The bench stays abandoned as I go inside.

What will we become?

What will we achieve?

Whom will we love and in what will we believe?












Time invented

Past becomes history

Future has limits

Nothing is infinite

Time warps reality

We’re the creators of our enemy, Oops

so much in life

so muchunnecessary some would say
so much in life

we pick up and place down
so much in life

we need to lose to gain
so much in life

we need when we actually have all.

The Opportunity of Educationopportunity

Youth is exploring, opening doors to expand your horizons,

first you need to leave the shores John Keats famously wrote

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty”

Shame to squander this wonderful opportunity …

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