What do students say about teachers at VRG . . .

NR0A4693Every year, we are asked to write many recommendation letters for our students who are applying to the university. Before we agree to write a letter of recommendation, we ask each student to fill in a questionnaire about their school experience and about themselves. One of the questions we ask if there has been a teacher who impacted your learning while at VRG? And, if so, in what way?” We are continually impressed by the answers we receive and wanted to share a few here … this is what students say about teachers at VRG:

My mentor, XX*, has meant the most to me of all my teachers.  I NR0A4672have him as a mentor, Physics’ teacher and a Maths’ teacher.  I feel that I could go to him for any school related problem I neede to talk about . . . / Min mentor XX* har betytt mest för mig av mina lärare, jag har honom som mentor, fysiklärare och mattelärare och jag känner att jag alltid skulle kunna gå till honom om jag hade något skolrelaterat problem jag behövde prata om.

_MG_1401 - KopiaXX* has meant so much to me and my school years at VRG.  She gave me good, constructive feedback  throughout the year and I really improved in my Social Science class.  In the end I got really good feedback which gave me a good foundation to work from after my first year.  I knew I could do better and XX* pulled out my best in an effective and good way. / XX* har betytt mest för mig och min skolgång på VRG. Hon gav mig bra konstruktiv kritik under hela året och jag förbättrades verkligen I hennes samhällkunskapklass. Jag fick tillslut väldigt bra feedback och det gav mig en bra grund att jobba på eftersom det var mitt första år på VRG. Jag visste att jag kunde förbättra mig och XX* tog fram mina kunskaper på ett effektivt och bra sätt.

This term XX* has meant the most to me because he made me like school again like I did in middleNR0A5042 school. / Den här terminen har XX* betytt mest för mig eftersom han har fått mig att gilla skolan igen som jag gjorde på högstadiet.

I had XX* in art last year, and it was one of the best courses I’ve taken. When I was just a few years old, I showed a great talent for drawing. I felt that making art, it was my calling. I continued this throughout elementary school and dreamed of becoming an artist, with big art shows in Hong Kong and New York. In ninth grade, I hesitated between the aesthetics program and nature science, and, in the end, I chose natural science, because it was a safe choice. The studies took up so much time that I stopped drawing completely during high school. Therefore, art class has been extremely important to me, because it’s been a way to get back to creating again. XX has always critically questioned my work in a way that has helped me to develop my artistry a great deal. Even though I do not have art anymore,  XX* been a great help in my work with the school newspaper, by encouraging their students to contribute to the school newspaper. / Jag hade XX* i bild förra året, och det var en av de bästa kurserna jag har tagit. När jag bara var några år, så påvisade jag en stor talang för att rita. Jag kände att göra konst, det var mitt kall. Jag fortsatte med detta hela grundskolan och drömde om att bli konstnär, med stora visningar i Hong Kong och New York. I nian så tvekade jag mellan estetlinje och natur, och valde natur, eftersom det var ett säkert val. Studierna tog upp så mycket tid, att jag slutade rita helt under gymnasiet. Därför har bilden betytt otroligt mycket för mig, eftersom det har varit en väg tillbaka att skapa konst igen. XX har alltid kritiskt ifrågasatt mina arbeten som har hjälpt mig att utveckla mitt konstnärskap otroligt mycket. Nu när jag inte har bild längre, så har XX* varit en stor hjälp i mitt arbete med skoltidningen, genom att uppmuntra sina elever att bidra till skoltidningen.

 _MG_1449XX* has always been my favorite at VRG, even though she didn’t know it!  During all of my yearsin high school, she has been my French teacher.  I have alsoways felt encouraged by XX* to continue studying French, even though I was never the star of the class. / XX* har alltid varit min klippa på VRG, även om hon inte vet om det! Under alla mina år på gymnasiet, har jag haft henne i franska, och jag har alltid känt mig uppmuntrad av XX* att fortsätta med franskan, även om jag kanske inte är världens stjärna i ämnet.

*Note:  We chose to keep the names of the teachers mentioned secret because all of our teachers receive this type of feedback from time to time.  There are just too many to share. The photos in this article are not connected to these texts, but represent the energy and engagement of VRG teachers.

We are so lucky to have our team of teachers – generous, caring, competent, professional, flexible, and dedicated!

About kristylundstrom

I currently work as the Managing Director of Viktor Rydberg Schools. I am a student of learning. I am interested to see where it happens, when it happens, and how it happens. I am also a math and computer science teacher. I have lived in Belgium and in the USA. I really appreciate my multi-cultural environment - I believe it adds dynamics to our school.
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