Think Global, Act Local – wow, look what students can do when they put their mind to it …

Year 2 students have been working with sustainable development within their Physics 1 or Natural Science 1 courses.

During this year’s project, teams of students were encouraged to use their creativity and brainstorm ideas for making local change that can have a global impact.  After two weeks of brainstorming, lectures, and inspiration and tips from the Young Innovation Hub a huge variety of creative ideas took form.
Students were required to produce an infographic to express important information.  For example:
Panta ännu mera
Students have also produced informational material about their projects.  Some produced posters, others produced websites.  All students were also required to present their project plan in a non-written form.  The guidelines said “be creative”.  Some students presented fantastic films!  Here are examples:

Click here to see the students’ website

Students succeeded at “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally.”

Thanks to project coordinators, teacher coaches, and to the students for all their hard work … We are so impressed with what you were able to accomplish in only 2 weeks!


About kristylundstrom

I currently work as the Managing Director of Viktor Rydberg Schools. I am a student of learning. I am interested to see where it happens, when it happens, and how it happens. I am also a math and computer science teacher. I have lived in Belgium and in the USA. I really appreciate my multi-cultural environment - I believe it adds dynamics to our school.
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