Connecting ideas through images … creative approach to learning source criticism


Ever heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

In the year 2 History project, students put this quote to the test.  There assignment was to find an image from the Middles Ages to describe certain aspects from that time period.  They were asked to identify a theme in the image.  Then, their task was to “reshoot” the image in a modern way maintaining the same theme, yet relating the image to today’s world.  Students were asked to present their ideas in a marketplace presentation method, as well as submit full source criticism supporting their research and findings.


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The results were inspiring . . .


IMG_3630Perhaps the most inspiring was the group who worked with marriage during the Middle Ages (Giftemål under Medeltiden).  They used an image of the wedding of Prince Edward II och Isabella of France.  Their recreated image shows the struggle of women, the importance of marriage, and the richness of the time.  The irony that this group was able to show was that marriage was thought to IMG_3637create perfect political balance, but instead it gave the opposite effect.  It actually led to the Hundred Days War.

The group went even further to relate their idea to current day Swedish politics.  The sIMG_3634ame idea of “marriage” within the two blocks of politics in Sweden; yet resulting in unbalanced power and chaos.

The marketplace was a fun way for students to share their knowledge with each other, as well as their teachers.


More details about this creative assignment can be found here>>Hidden Truths in History … a creative approach to learning about source criticism 







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I currently work as the Managing Director of Viktor Rydberg Schools. I am a student of learning. I am interested to see where it happens, when it happens, and how it happens. I am also a math and computer science teacher. I have lived in Belgium and in the USA. I really appreciate my multi-cultural environment - I believe it adds dynamics to our school.
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