Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver – Economy students get started on their entrepreneurship journey

IMG_5313VRG Economy students kicked-off their diploma projects last week in an unusual way – they left school.

After a short theory introduction to the LEAN methodology, students were challenged to travel to new places in their community to investigate what type of businesses there were at that location and how hornstull.PNGtheir ideas might work in that environment.  They were challenged to “DISCOVER“.

In groups of 4, students explored business behavior in unfamiliar situations.  Students photographed interesting observations and then wrote a short reflection about their discoveries.


On day 2, Economy students traveled to Stockholm House of Innovation – Epicenterepicenter for further inspiration.  Students listened to further lectures on LEAN start-up methodology and visited this innovative hub of entrepreneurs. IMG_5418

During this visit, students were able to discover best practices by watching and listening to real entrepreneurs .

To reflect on their adventures, students gathered at our sister school, VRG Odenplan, in the afternoon for further discussions.  During this time, students began to “DEFINE” their ideas … brainstorming and debating, questioning and rethinking.

This week, students returned to school after a weekend of further thought.

When asked about their experiences they responded in this way:

(Evaluation tool:  Mentimeter – a VRG Mentor Company!)



In the next step, students will continue the process of “DEFINING” their own ideas  … specifically focusing on market needs and potential customers.

About kristylundstrom

I currently work as the Managing Director of Viktor Rydberg Schools. I am a student of learning. I am interested to see where it happens, when it happens, and how it happens. I am also a math and computer science teacher. I have lived in Belgium and in the USA. I really appreciate my multi-cultural environment - I believe it adds dynamics to our school.
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