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When student work is recognized outside of school, it becomes more real

Students excel in many different ways.  Music students show their talents in concerts, athletes show their skills on the playing fields and entrepreneurial students win their competitions for the best company.  And, while it is true that our top academic … Continue reading

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Variation in the “how” and authentic tasks are key to student motivation

As a school leader, I think a lot about what motivates the students at my school. Of course, our work is greatly informed by current educational research on this topic. Yet, I am left to ponder how does this scientific … Continue reading

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A lesson beyond the classroom

Guest blogger:  Lead teacher, Sue Tennander Topic: authentic learning   In the Communications course of the English programme, students study human interaction and communication in different contexts. Social interaction is undoubtedly something that all students already have plenty of experience … Continue reading

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Comparing theory to real (working) life … mentor companies make it possible

  On Thursday, September 22, VRG welcomed 15 new mentor companies to school to meet their year 2 Economy students.  As defined in our vision for the Economy program, we want our students to have authentic and relevant learning experiences. … Continue reading

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Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver – Economy students get started on their entrepreneurship journey

VRG Economy students kicked-off their diploma projects last week in an unusual way – they left school. After a short theory introduction to the LEAN methodology, students were challenged to travel to new places in their community to investigate what … Continue reading

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“Innovation is key” … Reinfeldt speaks to VRGD students

On Tuesday, April 14, former Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt visited VRGD to speak with all students. During his lecture, Mr. Reinfeldt discussed global trends facing our society, as well as gave advice as to what students could do to prepare … Continue reading

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A Christmas Market filled with entrepreneurs …

The Christmas Market at VRG was not your typical Swedish Christmas market.  It was a showcase of student ideas, student work, and student enthusiasm.  On December 16, we welcomed guests into our school to learn more about how we work. … Continue reading

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Authentic learning … convincing classmates to vote for EU-citizen initiatives using Pecha Kucha presentation method

Students in Social Science, year 1, have researched and created their own EU-citizen action initiatives.  Now, they are trying to convince us to vote for their ideas.  In a classroom project, each group of students was challenged to investigate, create, … Continue reading

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How are development projects in Africa funded?

Ayesha Amilon* visited VRG today to help us study this question. Advanced English classes together with the Social Science in-depth course listened to an interesting lecture today about financing in Africa, African development, and related topics. Invited by Ugandan Consul … Continue reading

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