Shakespeare soliloquies in Spets 1

In small groups, Year 1 Spets students were asked to film their own interpretation of a Shakespeare soliloquy of their choice, from the respective plays that they have been studying.

Beforehand, the class watched how different directors had interpreted Macbeth’s famous ‘tomorrow and tomorrow…’ soliloquy, and discussed the similarities and differences in their interpretation. After brainstorming in groups, the students headed out to act, direct, film and edit their short films, which were then shared in class the following day (to rapturous attention).

Hope you like them,

Rupert & Spets 1


About kristylundstrom

I currently work as the Managing Director of Viktor Rydberg Schools. I am a student of learning. I am interested to see where it happens, when it happens, and how it happens. I am also a math and computer science teacher. I have lived in Belgium and in the USA. I really appreciate my multi-cultural environment - I believe it adds dynamics to our school.
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