VRGD Quality Results 2015

Each year, students and staff participate in a comprehensive evaluation of our school and our programs in every aspect.  The aggregated results give us a full view of our strengths and our weaknesses.  These results provide us with an accurate measure of how well we have accomplished this year’s goals, as well as provide the basis we need to plan for what we can develop further.
The system we use is called Incito. Here is a graphic presentation of this year’s results:
VRGD Quality Results 2015 (1)

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UF Winners … SM, here we come!

ufnite1Årets UF-företag i Stockholms län; Vinnarlistan – VRG Djursholm

Regional tävling i UF-företagande, 20 februari 2015


Årets UF-företagphoto 1 (5)

Första plats

  • Mitt Dagliga Bröd UF, VRG Djursholm

Andra plats

  • RemindHer, VRG Djursholm

Årets Vara

Första plats

  • RemindHer UF, VRG Djursholm

ufnite3Årets Monter

Första plats

  • Viktor Rydberg Delikatessknäcke UF, VRG Djursholm

Andra plats

  • Mitt Dagliga Bröd UF, VRG Djursholm

Årets Hållbara UF-företag

Andra plats

  • KMX Karts Sweden UF, VRG Djursholmufnite2

Årets Produktutveckling

Andra plats

  • RemindHer UF, VRG Djursholm

Årets Affärsplan

Första plats

  • RemindHer UF, VRG Djursholm

Årets Digitala Strategi

Andra plats

  • RemindHer UF, VRG Djursholm, Danderyd


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Våga Vara Egen – VRGD students put their creative ideas to the test

vagaCongratulations to our many UF companies for a great day – full of creative ideas, engaging pitches, and valuable feedback.

Three out of six VRGD companies are in the finals for UF Company of the Year.  Three out of ten VRGD companies are in the finals for Best Booth.

RemindHer won both Best Business Plan and 2nd place in Best Digital Strategy.

In addition, we had several individual studentsin the finals for the “top seller” position.  Wow!  What a day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck Friday night win the winners are announced!

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What happens when three students volunteer because they care?

Caring Education is a company started by three VRG students ce- Alexander Kamal, Daniel Sternegard, and Thor Åhlgren.

alexander thor danielCaring Education is a homework help service for students in lower secondary schools.  The special thing about this company is that all proceeds collected are donated directly to UNICEF.

It works like this:  VRG students tutor at a neighboring compulsory school on Monday afternoons.  All students are welcome to join.  Instead of paying for this service, families are asked to make a donation to this important cause . . .

KL:  Where did this idea come from?  

Students:  This past summer, we volunteered in Ubud at a local school.  There, we saw first-hand what a difference education can make.  “We realized how fortunate we are.”  Since we came back, we have been trying to find a way to continue to support important developments there – our answer:  Caring Education.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-12 kl. 21.13.21

They have only had a few teaching sessions, but have already raised more than 6.000:-.


If you would like to donate to this important project, click here>> Or, start a similar program in your school, contact:  caringeducationswe@gmail.com

What happens when three students volunteer because they care?  They inspire the rest of us to do more . . . Thanks Daniel, Alexander and Thor for working to develop the quality of life for children in Indonesia.



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To really learn – take a risk, try something new, see what happens

Students in the IDH2 course attended the GIH Open House.  During this visit, they were exposed to information sessions, classes, and “try it out” activities for health, wellness, and sports.  They got to try new things.  They were asked to take risks and see what it “feels like” …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At VRGD, we believe one path to learning is to start with curiosity, actively investigate, and then reflect over new understanding.

22 Emma Jönsson07 Mikael Björkman11 Jens BrännströmThanks to our Sports teachers for taking students on this study trip – they got to do just that!

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Process and Product – learning outside the classroom teaches the value of both

Hands on experiences in Media and Communication help students gain valuable skills and develop creative abilities ...

FullSizeRender (5)Students in the Aesthetics program at VRG in year 2 study Graphic Communication and Media, Society and Communication.

In a joint course assignment, students were charged with writing, FullSizeRender (1)filming, editing and producing a newscast.  The preparatory work was done at school and on interview sites.  The main part of the filming and producing was done on site at the Swedish FullSizeRender (7)National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.


Their production can be viewed here (click on box to watch full film):

20150210 Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium from Tekniska museet on Vimeo.

The project ended today with a study visit to SVT – Swedish National TV Channel station.

FullSizeRender (2)Learning outside the classroom offers students powerful experiences in process and product.

For more information about this task or these courses, contact our teachers:

06 Morten Bastrup14 Jakob Englund Jakob Englund

Morten Bastrup

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VR teachers are proof that “art and science do go hand-in-hand”

Congratulations to our teachers – 

Keren Bruce-Westerlund and Martin Monet

who are managing to balance professional artist careers with the demanding role of teacher at VRG.

keren at opera houseKeren Bruce-Westerlund is currently performing in the Royal Opera’s production of “Written on Skin”. She is a professional gamba player and is contributing with this fantastic instrument. you can read a review of her performance, here>>  Keren teaches Religion and English at VRGD.



This year, Martin Monet has had several art exhibitions around Stockholm.  His creative caricatures interpret how he views different stories and influential people of our

martin2time. See more of Martin’s work here>>

During February, you can see his work at the Hotel Scandic Malmen, Café Louie Louie, Café String in Södermalm and at Kontoret Nybroviken. Martinteaches French and Spanish at VRGD.

We are very proud of their achievements and that they are living proof that “art and science do go hand-in-hand!

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All day labs – students can accomplish so much more when we give them a day to concentrate …

labdag_eleverOn Wednesday, Natural Science students spent a whole day in the lab.  The lab project was a cross-curricular project between Chemistry and Physics.




Students analyzed collected data using physical relationships and calculations to gain a better understanding of the levels of energy in different chemical bonds.

We had perfect attendance with well-prepared students who were successful in their data collection and analysis.


Full focus for a whole day leads to a much higher quality of learning!


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Students teach parents about what life is like “online” …

4d6baf32601c44ab93bdc52735965d2aFor the second year, Leadership students from VRG have joined forces with our Paaven (fritidsgård) to help younger students in our municipality (and their parents) learn about the thrills and spills of life online in a program called, “Vad gör unga på nätet?IMG_0282

The program, developed by Jonas Jonsson, is based on a three part approach.  Firstly, students and parents in the elementary school are asked to complete a survey regarding IMG_0284online habits and behaviors.  Then, students from VRG hold a lecture for parents about what it is really like – “All my friends are in my computer”.  At the same time, the younger students work with group tasks, guided by VRG students, that focus on values, making good decisions, and good habits.

The result:  inspired leaders you share their own experiences, engaged parents who listen and ask good questions, and younger

students who learn without even realizing that they are learning important lessons.

What a great community project!

Read more about this project here>>

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Connecting ideas through images … creative approach to learning source criticism


Ever heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

In the year 2 History project, students put this quote to the test.  There assignment was to find an image from the Middles Ages to describe certain aspects from that time period.  They were asked to identify a theme in the image.  Then, their task was to “reshoot” the image in a modern way maintaining the same theme, yet relating the image to today’s world.  Students were asked to present their ideas in a marketplace presentation method, as well as submit full source criticism supporting their research and findings.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The results were inspiring . . .


IMG_3630Perhaps the most inspiring was the group who worked with marriage during the Middle Ages (Giftemål under Medeltiden).  They used an image of the wedding of Prince Edward II och Isabella of France.  Their recreated image shows the struggle of women, the importance of marriage, and the richness of the time.  The irony that this group was able to show was that marriage was thought to IMG_3637create perfect political balance, but instead it gave the opposite effect.  It actually led to the Hundred Days War.

The group went even further to relate their idea to current day Swedish politics.  The sIMG_3634ame idea of “marriage” within the two blocks of politics in Sweden; yet resulting in unbalanced power and chaos.

The marketplace was a fun way for students to share their knowledge with each other, as well as their teachers.


More details about this creative assignment can be found here>>Hidden Truths in History … a creative approach to learning about source criticism 







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