What to expect in Language Level 3.0

Dear students,

Welcome to VRGD!  Wondering about what to expect in French 3, Spanish 3, German 3 or Mandarin 3?  Here is a video explanation:

Need extra practice?  Here are some helpful tips:left arrow

 Inför spanska 3 /Practice for Spanish

 Inför franska 3 / Practice for French

globe with flag


Read more about Foreign Languages at VRG, here:

International Language Day

Spanish students win prizes

Kahoot in Spanish




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VRG Djursholm tilldelas kvalitetspris/VRG Djursholm is awarded Danderyd’s Quality Award


VRG Djursholm har tilldelats Kvalitetsutmärkelse 2015 av Barn- och utbildningsnämnden vid Danderyds kommun!

Skolans målmedvetna och strukturerade arbete med att utveckla metoder för att, enligt läroplanens mål, öka elevernas inflytande på undervisningsmetoder och innehåll har gett resultat. Resultatet verifieras bland annat av elevenkäten 2015 som genomförs bland alla gymnasieskolor i Stockholms län. 

Grattis VRG Djursholm!

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Graduation 2015 – Good Luck finding “the balance”!

On a glorious morning graduates and staff gathered to begin the celebration of 12 successful years of school for 184 graduates from VRG Djursholm. We started with a lovely breakfast provided by our Parents Association; followed by class photos and  group photo; a music and speech filled lunch; a meaningful final ceremony and, then the big moment, “utspring”. The following is a photo documentation of the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course, there were cheers and songs throughout the day:

During the lunch speech, I shared with my students that more than anything I wish them luck finding balance – balance between working hard and playing hard; balance between planning and mapping out every step in their future and being able to enjoy the “here and now”; balance between being bold enough to share your own ideas and humble enough to accept the ideas of others … this is no easy task.

To further encourage them, I shared the inspirational words of Dr. Seuss – perfect for this occasion:


Good Luck Class of 2015, #proudrektor


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Memories from End-of-Term Ceremony, VT2015

Welcomed by the summer sounds of our dedicated choir,

we started our last day of the 2014-15 school year early.

At VRGD, end-of-term is a time for reflection, appreciation and celebration.  Today, we celebrated with a lovely ceremony filled with songs, awards and hopeful speeches.

It was a proud moment when students and staff celebrated being chosen as the 2015 Quality Award winner for Best School in Danderyd’s municipality.

Two of our students, Jakob Haskel och Lovisa Bergström, expressed end-of-year sentiments via haiku:

The bell is ringing

They are reaching for the stars

Fasten your seat belts

Thanks to Jakob and Sue for leading us in the ceremony and leading us into summer . . .

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Creative “MyStyle” projects are a great way to end the year …

In a joint assignment from their Communications course and English 6, students in year 1 each chose a “MyStyle” project to exhibit their skills.  By choosing a topic that was especially important to them, students were able to really invest in their topic.  Students were allowed to choose topic, as well as presentation form.  There was huge variety in the classes’ presentations.  An official letter to the Prime Minister of England discussing climate change, a spoken word project about learning vs education, the story of sneakers as a fashion icon, and many more creative projects.

Here is a sample of some of their work:




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Natural science students visit Alfvén laboratory to learn about “real” physics

20150604_090740Last Thursday, Year 3 science students visited KTB for an interesting and relevant visit as they finish their Physics course.

The purpose of this study trip was for students to see one of the most progressive and highly technological applied area of physics research.

The research being made at Alfvén laboratory is a part of a multiniterational (USA, Russian, EU, India, South Korea, and more), multi-million dollar project, ITER.  ITER is a large-scale scientific experiment that aims to demonstrate the technological and scientific feasibility of fusion energy.  This project is trying to develop production of electricity in the 20150604_095352same way as produced by the sun, through fusion fuels.  This is an energy source with unlimited potential.

Students were able to tour the facility and ask questions.  Great way to see “real” physics.

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Leadership State of Mind …

Student created videos make end-of-year review fun.  When asked to combine the theories and specific leaders they have studied during this year in a creative presentation, Sue’s Leadership students responded in many creative ways.

Here are a few inspiring examples:



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#VRGANDA at the Prom – 2015

Dear Class of 2015,

Thank you for inviting me to this year’s prom.  It was a lovely evening.  I was impressed with the way the event was organized.  You were careful to make sure to pick exactly the right venue – it was beautiful.  I could see your attention to the details of where everyone should sit so that everyone felt included.  The toastmasters were well prepared and funny. They, definitely, led the party in a good way.  The speeches held by representatives from each class were entertaining and heartfelt.  The speakers described the uniqueness of each class.  It was so fun to listen to which episodes and events have meant the most to you during your time at our school.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During the night, I could see #vrganda.  V =warmth/värme, R = respect/respekt, G = fellowship/gemenskap.

But, most of all, I was impressed with the support you show each other; for example:  after Reuben’s speech.  It is not so easy to get 174 people going in the right direction, much less build momentum.  But, you guys have done just that … you make each other better.

On behalf of the other staff members who attended and myself, thank you for inviting us. It was our privilege to join your night. #vrganda


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Art and Science do go hand-in-hand in Physics


When students are asked to “illustrate” an idea through video –  they must first understand, then plan how to explain and then execute in a dynamic form of storytelling.  This method requires the students to marry art and science.

Creative learning at its best!

The purpose of this task was to help students understand Newton’s Laws of Motion, beyond in the classroom and on paper.  These laws are with us everywhere and steer everything that moves.

Here are two examples of what the students created:

Syftet med hela uppgiften var att få eleverna att förstå på newtons kraftlagar, inte bara på papper och i klassrummet. Det är ju så att det finns närvarande överallt hela tiden och styr allt som rör sig.

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Thanks for a wonderful concert – VRG on STAGE 2015!

Many thanks to our talented music and choir students who put on the great show for us all yesterday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Photos courtesy of Ganna Vashchuk)

sharing some music . . .

Thanks, too, to our talented teachers who bring out the best in each and every student!

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