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VRG and Stockholm University work together to improve the learning in Physics

(Guest blogger: Lead Teacher, Patrik Friggebo) New school year and our physics project at VRG Odenplan is starting its second and last phase, exciting! This year, we will focus on Physics 2. For those who do not know, I can … Continue reading

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Blended Learning in Physics gets the whole group engaged …

During the past four weeks, our staff has been studying and reflecting over what blended learning is and how does it, could it and should it work in our school.  We have broken down the definition, looked at models and … Continue reading

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How to build the best thermos – a design task for Year 2 Science students

During this year’s project period, Year 2 Science students tried to answer the basic question – What is the most efficient way to heat water and keep it warm? Essentially – how to build the best thermos? Each year, we suspend … Continue reading

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Are we alone? The search for life beyond the Earth with Professor Ian Morison

On Thursday, October 22, VRG students were treated to an engaging and provocative lecture by visiting professor, Ian Morison.  Mr. Morison is the UK’s preeminent radio-astronomer and astrophysicist, based at the Jodrell Bank Observatory and Centre for Astrophysics in Manchester. … Continue reading

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Art and Science do go hand-in-hand in Physics

When students are asked to “illustrate” an idea through video –  they must first understand, then plan how to explain and then execute in a dynamic form of storytelling.  This method requires the students to marry art and science. Creative learning … Continue reading

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All day labs – students can accomplish so much more when we give them a day to concentrate …

On Wednesday, Natural Science students spent a whole day in the lab.  The lab project was a cross-curricular project between Chemistry and Physics.     Students analyzed collected data using physical relationships and calculations to gain a better understanding of … Continue reading

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Physics, Ethics, and Social Science in one study trip . . . a study trip to Forsmark

(In English …) After a bus ride of nearly two hours, VRG students arrived at the Information Center at Forsmark. Students attended a lecture on Swedish energy sources, where nuclear power was emphasized.  Then, there was lunch and a guided … Continue reading

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